Efficiency of warehouse equipment

Efficiency of warehouse equipment

Efficiency of warehouse equipment

The efficiency of the warehouse equipment or in other words a complete madness.
The high efficiency of the warehouse machines is proportional to the organization in the warehouses.

In every warehouse or logistic base, each item of inventory (goods, shelves, machines) must be high-performance and safe for people.

This requires continuous thought, innovation, and a sufficient number of storage machines to support efficiency. It is an indisputable fact that new machines are productive, move faster, handle palletized goods more easily.

According to Susan Comfort, product manager of stackers and reach strips designed for narrow asle at The Raymond Corp., the productivity of each new forklift continues to grow sharply. New technologies offer better efficiency. Machines have a higher lifting and moving speed. Better engine technology, better acceleration and more reliability. Even simple changes to the design reveal huge leaps in productivity.

“Where previously there were separate levers for lifting, moving and loading / unloading conditions, operators can now use one hand to travel and lift simultaneously.” “This created a noticeable increase in pallet productivity and movement per hour, probably around 20% to 30%.”

Although there are incentives to purchase the latest equipment, the strength and reliability have led US customers to use machines on average between 7 and 10 years before replacing them with new ones.

High, high, high or this wonderful reachtrucks

There is almost no limit to the use of storage space in height. Terrains are expensive and the air above them is not. The spaces are easily absorbed, and with the help of retractors, goods are processed up to a height of 12 m.

At these staggering heights, operators can use additional safety features. Camera technology improves visibility, which Comfort says is especially important to avoid damage to goods.

New machines, new features

“The new features – vertical selectors to hold and reach the height of the racks, help to avoid unnecessary waste of time, ensuring visibility in all directions”

More and more customers will now be opting for more pallets in less space. For this reason, the machines for processing goods in narrow corridors will continue to be sought. Sometimes this change is natural.

“Among US e-commerce customers, the growth in the number of products offered necessitates another culture of using new machines.” The growth in the last year is especially large.

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