New forklift trucks, new electric forklifft trucks, new warehouse equipment

Here you can find new electric forklift trucks, new forklifts trucks , LPG and diesel forklift trucks, new storage equipment – stackers and transpallet carts, manufactured by Feeler. Feeler brand lifting equipment offers reliability, security and innovative solutions in the field of warehousing operations. You can find a lot of desigions for every warehouse challange. We offer a full range of service and delivery of spare parts for Feeler forklift trucks and warehouse equipment.

New electric and forklift trucks Feeler

Electric forklift trucks with capacity 1,5 – 1,8 t (3-wheels), 4-wheels with capacity from 2,00 to 3.5 t. Diesel and gas forklifts with load capacity from 1.5 to 25.00 tonnes. LPG forklifts are produced up to 5.00 tonnes and diesel ones up to 25.00 tonnes. Electric stackers 1,5t. with high maneuverability, ergonomic control, reliable long-term operation. A few years later, production of reach trucks with a capacity of 1.00 to 2.5 tons began. Electric pedestrian stackers 1,5т. are characterized by high maneuverability, ergonomic control, reliable long-term operation. The production of reach trucks with a load capacity of 1.00 to 2.5 tons has started for several years.

New Transpallet Inox Pallet trucks and Stackers – BADA

As a representative of Italiana Carrelli Elevatori, we offer warehouse equipment suitable for the food and beverage industry – electric pallet trucks (diffrent types), mechanical and electric stackers – all made of stainless steel. 100% INOX The full range of warehouse equipment is certified in accordance with the European Union regulations. The stackers have a lifting capacity of 1200 kg and a working (lifting)height of up to 4650 mm. The hand pallet trucks have a lifting capacity of 1000-2000 kg and a lift height of 800-115 mm. The product range also includes scissor carts, hand pallet trucks, electric pallet trucks, with or without platform for the operator and trucks equipment with scales. The INOX electric pallet trucks come in two special versions with and without driver platform. In depence of every individual case. All the machines are extremely maneuverable with a capacity of up to 2000 kg. Individual 100 % INOX products can be produced also, according to set clients parameters, without dramatically affecting their price. Please, do not be hesitate and get in contact with us and ask for any options.

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