Batteries and spare parts

Delivery and repair of traction and semi-traction batteries. We can delivery and find all types, voltages and sizes of batteries for electric trucks, stackers, reach trucks and electric pallet trucks. We can help you optimize your battery park by performing their monthly prophylaxis, which includes basic cleaning and top-up of distilled water, measuring electrolyte density, cell voltage and providing you with data, along with analysis. This way, you have complete clarity about the current state of the batteries and will be able to plan with great precision the costs of maintaining them, as well as the time to replace them with new ones without stopping your work.

According to the set parameters we:

–  offer the most suitable battery, with optimum quality and price;

– We are committed to providing complete instructions for use in the English language, indicating the correct way of operation, as well as maintaining your battery.

– repairing batteries – in the world of dynamic technologies there are options to extend the battery life to 24 months;

– We install sensors that allow us to track how a battery worked – how much it was charged, how much it was discharged before charging, when and how much water was added. The main reason for shortening the life of a battery is misuse;

– Our strong partner is EnerSys.

Here you can order spare parts for all brands of material handling equipment. According to our European partners availability in Italy and Belgium. For Europian brands such as Pegaso, Bada, OM, Armanni, we offer original parts from manufacturers. We strive to have a minimum delivery time of 48 hours to 5 business days.

Here you can find all types of wheels for storage equipment Raeder Vogel, as well as tires for electric and forklift trucks Solideal’.

Falkor-D EOOD is your strong partner.


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