Traction batteries for electric trucks - Prices

Batteries for electric trucks

Delivery and restoration of traction batteries for electric trucks – prices, traction and semi-traction batteries for storage equipment. With us you will find all types, voltages and sizes of batteries for electric trucks, stackers, reach trucks and electric carts. It matters a lot what batteries are used. A number of renowned brands are offered on the market in Bulgaria. However, you should keep in mind that the batteries for electric trucks and storage equipment are taken care of in order to prolong their service life as much as possible.

Traction battery maintenance

We can help you optimize your battery fleet with the Traction Battery Maintenance service. We we perform their monthly prophylaxis , which includes basic cleaning and topping up with distilled water, we measure the electrolyte density, the voltage in the cells and provide you with the data, along with analysis. Upon receiving a monthly analysis of the condition of the batteries, you will be able to plan all possible costs. This way you will have complete clarity about the current state of the batteries. This will allow you to plan the time for replacement with new ones with great accuracy, without interrupting your work.

Most of our clients are fully aware of the terms of operation and maintenance of traction batteries , strictly observing the conditions of transport, storage and operation.

Neglecting the care of the batteries inevitably leads to a premature end of their functional life. In the photos shown you can see a traction battery that has handed over luggage. The killing of copper sulphate on the cells and the chest is an irreversible process that can be prevented. The last two photos show swollen cells.

Traction batteries – prices

We would like to be as comprehensive as possible in terms of traction batteries-prices. Unfortunately, we are unable to publish a complete price list because even it will not be able to serve as a guide. For each model and brand of electric truck or storage equipment there are dozens of options, depending on their size and amperage. Too often, when replacing a battery with a new one, we have had cases even when the dimensions of the boxes do not fit in millimeters. Therefore, we work in the following way, if our specialists consider that the batteries are exhausted on the spot, the exact dimensions are taken, the plate of the machine with the model and the serial number is photographed and thus all errors are minimized. Then you receive a specific offer with prices and delivery time.

According to the set parameters we:

  • We offer the most suitable battery, with optimal quality and price;
  • We are committed to providing complete instructions for use in Bulgarian, which indicate the correct method of operation, as well as maintenance of your battery fleet.
  • We repair batteries – in the world of dynamically developing technologies there are options to extend battery life to 24 months;
  • We install sensors that allow you to track how a battery worked – how much it was charged, how much it was discharged before charging, when and how much water was added. The main reason for shortening the life of a battery is improper operation;

EnerSys is our partner for the production of traction batteries.

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